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 I'm fucking BORED. Tomorrow I get to work at the shop :D. I HAS ENOUGH TO GO TO CCON BITCHES!!!!! and heroes season 2 starts tomorrow :D. I finally got my dad to start playing twilight princess today! and ummmm that's about it. my life is boring D:.

oh and read this shit:

So knowing that for some un-goodly reason there is a "spirit week" tradition at our school where you dress up and by doing this it signifies that you have some sort of school spirit for NMHS. The thing is over the years I've observed that dressing up is fun, school isn't. Thus, I created a solution about two years ago that is Anti Spirit Week, and a good following of about two have participated. I think this small tradition could do for some growth hence I'm circling this via bulletin in hopes it will catch some, if even minimal interest. This year I've also decided that I could look to the possible participants to come up with daily themes for that week then N-chan and I can approve and set the days. So if you are interested please reply with your entries or word of compliance if you figure you're not creative enough to come up with anything but want to join in the dress up fun.


1. Must follow school's dress code, generally.

2. If it is a cosplay of a character or person you MUST provide a visual example, just in case we're not "with it" or whatever. a simple link will do.

3. don't make anything overly complicated, something readily available is preferred.

4. please don't BAWWWW if your submission isn't selected. All appropriate submissions are appreciated.

Once everything is set I will set up a page somewhere of the dress up schedule, probably a blog, I will link in another bulletin.

Thank you for reading,

miyako ann jely


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Sep. 24th, 2007 10:32 am (UTC)
ZOmg spirit week, I told myself I would do only the cool days this year xD and OMG YOU HAVE ENOUGH FOR CONNECTICON!? Now you gotta just get your costumes together xDD I found a girl who works with me at big Y who can help make Lavi's Jacket, so I'm commissioning her for it, along with 2 other things haha. I like your idea for Anti-Spirit week x3 omgcosplaywtf If we have that back in time thing in the past I should so totally be walter and say I'm a butler from the early late 19th centuary lolwut.
Apr. 8th, 2011 01:07 am (UTC)
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