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So you've been hearing about how I'm going to dye my hair and all that...... aaand I did! I have pictures!

Other than that nothing much is going on :/. I want ramen but they don't sell the kind I like any more :<. 

I want to do my laundry but no one finishes their load and if I do it I always do something wrong >.<;.

Tomorrow I'm going to be busyyyy. I need to Nair myself, if my laundry doesn't get done tonight then i'll have to do it tomorrow, I have to organize my outfit, get my lunch ready, and tweeze my eyebrows. I hate tweezing, it hurts hardcore. 

sooo on to the exclusive pics :D.

okay so here I am at 2:00 today

and here's me at 4:00 today

yaaay, my roots aren't nearly as bad as they were yesterday ^_^.

blaaaah, that's about it.

bai bai <3 miyako.