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Adventures of a Kippy

a comprehensive guide to being an adorable shut in.

Jazzy Em
11 December 1989
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I was born, grew up, and currently living in small town CT. Currently unemployed :<. I do free-lance hair styling, and I am licensed.

I watch a shit ton of movies. I love to watch horror movies, scifi, and some "kid's stuff". As for music I mostly listen random "pop punk" stuff with random crap in there as well, mostly rock music, but I mix it up form time to time. I enjoy making art and drawing. I've been included in a lot of my high school art presentations, including the senior art show. I like to go get fucked up with friends from time to time. I miss getting to see live bands frequently.

I'm not sure how much more there is to tell about myself, so I'll wrap it up here.

/b/, a clockwork orange, animals, anime, army of darkness, art, b-movies, banana phone, bass, batman, bats, bearded dragons, beer, books, card captor sakura, cartoons, cats, charlie manson, cheap trick, chuck palahniuk, clubbing, cocktails, coffee, concerts, corn snakes, cosmetics, cosmetology, cosplay, crack fandom, crack roleplay, crackfic, crapfic, creepy stuff, cuddling with my boyfriend, deutsch, dir en grey, doctor who, domo-kun, dr. suesse, drawing, drinking, drugs, ds, ed gein, evil dead, excel saga, existentialism, fail, fashion, german, glass, grass, guro, hair, hairdressing, halloween horror nights, hello kitty, hitch hiker's guide, horror, indie films, internet, iphone, j-fashion, j-rock, john waters, kittens, kitties, legend of zelda, liquor, literature, live freaky! die freaky!, lol drama, make up, malice mizer, manga, mario, max bemis, mest, miyazaki, movies, mucc, mudkips, music, neil gaiman, netflixs, new found glory, new haven, new york city, nine inch nails, nintendo, noel fielding, painting, philosophy, piercings, pink flamingos, plushies, poetry, pokemon, politics, power puff girls, queen, really bad movies, religion, reptiles, sandman, say anything, serial killers, sex with my boyfriend, shitty pop punk, shows, silent hill, sketching, smoking, spook houses, star wars, starbucks, sweets, taco bell, target, tattoos, teefs, the mighty boosh, the smashing pumpkins, the used, totoro, universal studios, vegetarianism, video games, virginia, visual kei, watching films, watchmen, weed, wii, zombies