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My family is fucking psycho today, I'm really no exception today to be honest. I think everyone had a panic attack, my dad hasn't been on his meds for at least a week now. My mom is being extra bitchy and
pissing everyone off, then she claims she's having a panic attack while going off and giving everyone else one. Now she gets to sit in bed all day and do jack shit, good for her ::coughcoughcuntcough::. Then she has the nerve to treaten us with leaving, seriously she should stop getting our hopes up. I honestly think that I would at least have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as far as everyday stress goes. 

At this point I'm almost considering asking N-chan to take me in for a month or so, I can stay out of the way and wait for things to blow over. I really think I need some time to live away from home, just to de-stress and work things out for myself without my parents being a burden on me. 

But I don't know how soon that can happen. I think I should wait a couple weeks after school starts considering it would probably be better if I'm less stir crazy, and have something productive to do on a daily basis. 

oh and here's an exclusive pic of the day

Tomorrow I bleach my hairs, wish me luck.

bai bai <3 miyako