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fist day? sounds kinky xD.

So i have this friend who lives in my area but is just transferring into my school this year.
I've been friends with her since, forever really, like early grade school, and she moved to another school district in sixth grade and we became somewhat distance, we got into different things but remained friends.
I got into proper grammar, she didn't. She decided that she's going back to my school district for her finale year for whatever reasons and all through the summer asking about summer assignments and so forth, this brings some lulz on my part due to her typing abilities. Today at work i got the cream of the crop. 

Seranadex33abii (12:47:20 PM): hey i ahve a question do they collect the summer packets fist day?
xxxmiyako (12:48:10 PM): no
xxxmiyako (12:48:19 PM): like a week after
Seranadex33abii (12:48:48 PM): ok so i diont ahve to bring it in cuz im not gunan ahve it cuz i ony had 2 weeks to get a book and read it cuz my mom could enver get n whwere
xxxmiyako (12:49:14 PM): okay
Seranadex33abii (12:49:32 PM): what do we usually do fist day?
xxxmiyako (12:50:09 PM): nothing
xxxmiyako (12:50:40 PM): get signature thingies and sign them o_0
Seranadex33abii (12:50:46 PM): ohh ok
Seranadex33abii (12:52:53 PM): thanskls so much
xxxmiyako (12:53:08 PM): no problem

I soooo wish i was mean enough to give her a witty response around the 8th or 9th line XD. 

yesterday I had fun at N-chan's house. She has the first season of PPG on DVD so lulz were had. 

Almost two hours until i get out of work. for some inane reason it was really fucking busy around 11, i have no idea why, cause that's early to be out to me and there's usually never that many people around when I'm here. I had really good coffee today. I put a wee bit of vanilla ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon. It's good stuff. 

Tuesday my platform boots will get here, they are tall. I can't wait to go to school and stuff =].

so here's another picture of the moment, enjoy.

That's what the back wall looks like. Unfortunately i'm somewhat grubby since i got up late, but still presentable (i would have been fucked if i wasn't). i love that i don't need a uniform, i can bve cute on the job :D. I'm actually wearing my glasses today, i have to get usede to them for school, the lights there fuck up my astigmatism. 
Vivian is back on Digibutter! 

bai bai <3 miyako.