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Body pierce and Milkshake. Lies and Love.

:D i'm allllll ready for school :D 

i've got my summer reading and my wheeeeel done. i have all my school supplies and i has back pack. 
my printer is all setup for my lappy and my music is pretty much all labled and such. tuesday i'll get things to make lunches like bread, hommus, tabouli, and juice boxes. 

monday i need to bleach dye my hair. that should be fun o.o;. 

i should see if i can meet N-chan for lunch tommorow. i was supposed to today but i didn't know when they were going, next time i should have her call me since she has her cell phone on her (at least i think she does), and tell me when she's heading down there. 

uhhhhhh i don't know if there's more to say. i'll leave you with a picture of the moment.

that's leftover color ink from a dead cartrige :D.

now to wait for school or something to do. i think i'll have dinner while i wait.

bai bai <3 miyako.