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Heroes is on, I still need ideas for ASW. I'm campaigning for Shinya to be president in my Civics class :D. I didn't have a particularly crappy day but I don't feel great, it's been like that for awhile. meh idon't know, i think i need more sleep or something. we need more beverages in my house.

 I'm fucking BORED. Tomorrow I get to work at the shop :D. I HAS ENOUGH TO GO TO CCON BITCHES!!!!! and heroes season 2 starts tomorrow :D. I finally got my dad to start playing twilight princess today! and ummmm that's about it. my life is boring D:.

oh and read this shit:

So knowing that for some un-goodly reason there is a "spirit week" tradition at our school where you dress up and by doing this it signifies that you have some sort of school spirit for NMHS. The thing is over the years I've observed that dressing up is fun, school isn't. Thus, I created a solution about two years ago that is Anti Spirit Week, and a good following of about two have participated. I think this small tradition could do for some growth hence I'm circling this via bulletin in hopes it will catch some, if even minimal interest. This year I've also decided that I could look to the possible participants to come up with daily themes for that week then N-chan and I can approve and set the days. So if you are interested please reply with your entries or word of compliance if you figure you're not creative enough to come up with anything but want to join in the dress up fun.


1. Must follow school's dress code, generally.

2. If it is a cosplay of a character or person you MUST provide a visual example, just in case we're not "with it" or whatever. a simple link will do.

3. don't make anything overly complicated, something readily available is preferred.

4. please don't BAWWWW if your submission isn't selected. All appropriate submissions are appreciated.

Once everything is set I will set up a page somewhere of the dress up schedule, probably a blog, I will link in another bulletin.

Thank you for reading,

miyako ann jely

I had to miss work yesterday :<. I don't want to be sick, i hate it. I'm hoping i'll be well tomorrow.
Tonight's the last episode of big brother 8, the Donatos are on final two, it sucks baaad. I;ve been watching food network so much while i've been sick xD. nothing much is going on. N-chan got a new cat, it's name is pee-wee. The weekend is too short T_T;. I can't wait to go to beauty school, i wanna go now. 

bai bai <3 miyako

The persistant cat becomes silent.

What was the first band you became a fan of?
 Probably Green Day,  I was little and my daddy played it on his stereo and I liked it. I still like it I just don't listen to it that often now of days. I'm an uber fan of Dir en grey, favoritest band like evar. KYO IS A GENIUS AT POETRY AND STUFF OMFGG. No, seriously, he IS. I found a new band for fannings recently, The Candy Spooky Theater, it's fun and goffy.  UHHHHH I DUNNO. I can't wait to go to conneticonn ahhhg. I want more musics too D:. I NEED TO PRACTICE GERMAN. I also have to help my friend not fail at livejournal. 

bai bai <3 miyako
uhhh I'm tired of highschool drama alreadyyy >.< IT'S BULLLSHITTT!. uh yeah and I know someone's going to JAIL ALREADY!!!!

so school.

CIVICS- good teacher, clas of the OBVIOUS ><; but it is lulzful with possibilities of Daily Show.

ALGEBRA 3- SPIDERMAN IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE. HOW DO I SHOT WEB KAY. must leave complusion to spout DC fandom outside of class. he's good at teaching math and i understand it better than i thought i would.

PHYSICS- This class is full of ADD and boring. The teacher is obsessed with liquid nitrogen and WTC flyers. srsly.


GERMAN- is full of win, torrets kid is obnoxious aside from the dissability. 

Mr. Pern is still full of WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. We're giving hime pretty pictures tomorrow :3. 

uh that's about it. I'm tired of bitches talking behind my back. Having people diss me to my face is refreshing at this point. Ashy's Skype friends are cool at least x_X;.

bai bai <3 miyako.

Vacation seems far, seems far from here.

Yesterday I went to the Ren fair at Tuxedo, New York. I got lots of cool stuff like sword maintanence stuff for my katana, an OCORINA!!!!!, socks, and a parasole.

I started school a while back. eeeeeto I suppose I should do a teacher review but some of my teachers are sick already so I'm goning to wait until sometime next week :/, and I'm too lazy. 

I need to get Metroid Prime 3 today, I also have to do some homework ><;. The german work isn't bad but SAT practice for math ><; I don't even think I ned to take those for the colledge I'm going into. seriously. Then i just need a signature for PE.

bai bai <3 miyako.
So you've been hearing about how I'm going to dye my hair and all that...... aaand I did! I have pictures!

Other than that nothing much is going on :/. I want ramen but they don't sell the kind I like any more :<. 

I want to do my laundry but no one finishes their load and if I do it I always do something wrong >.<;.

Tomorrow I'm going to be busyyyy. I need to Nair myself, if my laundry doesn't get done tonight then i'll have to do it tomorrow, I have to organize my outfit, get my lunch ready, and tweeze my eyebrows. I hate tweezing, it hurts hardcore. 

sooo on to the exclusive pics :D.

okay so here I am at 2:00 today

and here's me at 4:00 today

yaaay, my roots aren't nearly as bad as they were yesterday ^_^.

blaaaah, that's about it.

bai bai <3 miyako.
My family is fucking psycho today, I'm really no exception today to be honest. I think everyone had a panic attack, my dad hasn't been on his meds for at least a week now. My mom is being extra bitchy and
pissing everyone off, then she claims she's having a panic attack while going off and giving everyone else one. Now she gets to sit in bed all day and do jack shit, good for her ::coughcoughcuntcough::. Then she has the nerve to treaten us with leaving, seriously she should stop getting our hopes up. I honestly think that I would at least have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as far as everyday stress goes. 

At this point I'm almost considering asking N-chan to take me in for a month or so, I can stay out of the way and wait for things to blow over. I really think I need some time to live away from home, just to de-stress and work things out for myself without my parents being a burden on me. 

But I don't know how soon that can happen. I think I should wait a couple weeks after school starts considering it would probably be better if I'm less stir crazy, and have something productive to do on a daily basis. 

oh and here's an exclusive pic of the day

Tomorrow I bleach my hairs, wish me luck.

bai bai <3 miyako

fist day? sounds kinky xD.

So i have this friend who lives in my area but is just transferring into my school this year.
I've been friends with her since, forever really, like early grade school, and she moved to another school district in sixth grade and we became somewhat distance, we got into different things but remained friends.
I got into proper grammar, she didn't. She decided that she's going back to my school district for her finale year for whatever reasons and all through the summer asking about summer assignments and so forth, this brings some lulz on my part due to her typing abilities. Today at work i got the cream of the crop. 

Seranadex33abii (12:47:20 PM): hey i ahve a question do they collect the summer packets fist day?
xxxmiyako (12:48:10 PM): no
xxxmiyako (12:48:19 PM): like a week after
Seranadex33abii (12:48:48 PM): ok so i diont ahve to bring it in cuz im not gunan ahve it cuz i ony had 2 weeks to get a book and read it cuz my mom could enver get n whwere
xxxmiyako (12:49:14 PM): okay
Seranadex33abii (12:49:32 PM): what do we usually do fist day?
xxxmiyako (12:50:09 PM): nothing
xxxmiyako (12:50:40 PM): get signature thingies and sign them o_0
Seranadex33abii (12:50:46 PM): ohh ok
Seranadex33abii (12:52:53 PM): thanskls so much
xxxmiyako (12:53:08 PM): no problem

I soooo wish i was mean enough to give her a witty response around the 8th or 9th line XD. 

yesterday I had fun at N-chan's house. She has the first season of PPG on DVD so lulz were had. 

Almost two hours until i get out of work. for some inane reason it was really fucking busy around 11, i have no idea why, cause that's early to be out to me and there's usually never that many people around when I'm here. I had really good coffee today. I put a wee bit of vanilla ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon. It's good stuff. 

Tuesday my platform boots will get here, they are tall. I can't wait to go to school and stuff =].

so here's another picture of the moment, enjoy.

That's what the back wall looks like. Unfortunately i'm somewhat grubby since i got up late, but still presentable (i would have been fucked if i wasn't). i love that i don't need a uniform, i can bve cute on the job :D. I'm actually wearing my glasses today, i have to get usede to them for school, the lights there fuck up my astigmatism. 
Vivian is back on Digibutter! 

bai bai <3 miyako.


Body pierce and Milkshake. Lies and Love.

:D i'm allllll ready for school :D 

i've got my summer reading and my wheeeeel done. i have all my school supplies and i has back pack. 
my printer is all setup for my lappy and my music is pretty much all labled and such. tuesday i'll get things to make lunches like bread, hommus, tabouli, and juice boxes. 

monday i need to bleach dye my hair. that should be fun o.o;. 

i should see if i can meet N-chan for lunch tommorow. i was supposed to today but i didn't know when they were going, next time i should have her call me since she has her cell phone on her (at least i think she does), and tell me when she's heading down there. 

uhhhhhh i don't know if there's more to say. i'll leave you with a picture of the moment.

that's leftover color ink from a dead cartrige :D.

now to wait for school or something to do. i think i'll have dinner while i wait.

bai bai <3 miyako.